A Professional Guide to Tuning Your VW Golf MK7 R 2.0L Turbo

The VW Golf MK7 R is by far the best R ever released by VW. It’s the most powerful, most refined and has the greatest potential for modification. This guide will help you plan your modification pathway so you can achieve the best results for your hard earned money. Follow this guide in order to guarantee the best results.

EasyTUNE Level 1 Software Update by ECU Chip Tuning – $1470

A modern performance vehicle like the MK7 R is a piece of contemporary art for any driving enthusiast. Using this analogy, the software can be considered the canvas and the hardware the paint. If you don’t set up with the right canvas from the start then you will not get a masterpiece in the end.

EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning is a handheld device used to store up to 4 software maps.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning is optimised for 98 octane.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning uses high quality tuning files developed in the UK & USA.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning has the ability to restore factory software at any time.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning has a built in code scanner to help with diagnostics.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning can increase boost pressure for increased torque.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning can decrease turbo lag for increased response.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning can improve power delivery up until redline.
EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning can deliver up to 65kW more power and 155nm more torque.

EasyTUNE ECU Chip Tuning Software is particularly optimised for the All Wheel Drive VW Golf MK7 R. With so much traction, you need to build up boost as soon as possible. The software algorithms EasyTUNE uses are designed to reduce turbo lag as much as possible to create an absolute beast on the road.

Easy Tune Performance

  • Performance 60%
  • Handling 0%
  • Sound 0%

Denso IKH24 Upgraded Spark Plugs – $100

A piece of art is only as good as its weakest element. The same is true for your MK7 R. One of the most common failure points is the factory spark plugs. Your first hardware modification should be upgrading to the Denso IKH24 plug. These plugs are designed to take the extra power and reliably deliver performance everyday. For best results, ensure that these are changed with every service. It might cost you a little bit more but remember this is not a Toyota Camry, this is a highly tuned performance hot hatch.

Spark Plugs Performance

  • Performance 65%
  • Handling 0%
  • Sound 0%

Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve – $330

In a turbocharged car there are large pressures built up within the intake piping. Any time you take your foot off the accelerator you are preventing this pressure from entering the motor and creating significant back pressure. This pressure will try to force the turbocharger to spin backwards. This isn’t something you want to happen. Savvy engineers came up with an ingenious way to get around this little problem, the Blow Off Valve or Recirculation Valve. This is a special valve in the intake system which prevents the pressure from the intake piping from heading down the wrong direction.

So here is the problem. It’s made of plastic and its really quite basic. When it fails it can stop your MK7 R from producing any boost and seriously hampering your motor’s performance. Companies like Turbosmart have been able to engineer upgrades for these valves which will not only improve reliability but also significantly improve the motors sound under load. This should be your 3rd upgrade to ensure that you don’t find yourself losing performance when you need it.

Blow Off Valve Performance

  • Performance 70%
  • Handling 0%
  • Sound 35%

OE Performance Induction Package – $299

Now that we have handled the canvas and we have taken care of any common reliability issues, it’s time to start some more significant modifications. There are lots of really expensive intake upgrades, however, simple is usually best. This combo includes an upgraded K&N air filter, stainless steel hose clamps and a custom silicone hose. It’s easy to DIY and takes care of the weakest link in the intake system, improving flow, sound and allowing the turbo to spool more quickly.

OE Performance

  • Performance 75%
  • Handling 0%
  • Sound 70%

Invidia Stainless Steel 3” Downpipe – $1190

While the intake system helps get air in, the downpipe helps get exhaust gasses out. The extra width of this downpipe significantly reduces exhaust pressures. This allows the turbocharger to spool even more quickly and prevents restriction towards the redline. The change in the motors sound is astonishing as well. The deeper tones and aggressive crescendos give a real impression of a proper race car. Our little tip to you is to retain your factory resonator and tips. While a lot of people will go with a full exhaust including the deletion of all resonators and removal of the rear mufflers, we have found that this does not achieve the best results. Doing any more than the downpipe will tend not to have any performance benefit and can actually result in a tinny or farty sound to the exhaust. Not something you would like for your $50 000 hot hatch!

Invidia Stainless Steel Performance

  • Performance 95%
  • Handling 0%
  • Sound 100%

Easy Tune Level 2 Tuning Upgrade – $300

This upgrade will delete any engine lights or codes that have been triggered by the modifications thus far. It also optimises your software for these modifications and extracts that little bit of extra performance that couldn’t be done while your MK7 R was stock. This is installed remotely and will take up the 3rd storage slot on your EasyTUNE handheld flasher.

Easy Tune Level Upgrade Performance

  • Performance 100%
  • Handling 0%
  • Sound 100%

Neuspeed Lowering Springs – $649

So you have sorted out the performance and it sounds like an animal. You are up to your final stage, the handling. Most GTIs left the factory with VWs adaptive suspension and driving modes so this can be a little tricky. With older models, coilovers offered the best performance while maintaining a relatively comfortable drive. With the addition of driving modes, there is no longer a need to replace the full assembly. A spring upgrade will allow the vehicle to achieve a significant drop in height (around 1”) without losing the driving mode functionality. This height change will improve body roll, cornering as well as improving traction on hard takeoffs. Oh and did we mention is looks damn cool?

Lowering Springs Performance

  • Performance 100%
  • Handling 50%
  • Sound 100%

Kumho V720 High Performance Tyres – Check with your local tyre outlet.

The final piece of the puzzle is getting everything to stick to the road. Now that you have more power and you can take corners more aggressively you will need to make sure your rubber is up to scratch. The factory tyres are designed to offer a balance of sound, traction and lifespan. At this point we know what you really care about, traction. Kumho has been in the tyre game for a long time and in our experience, the V720 offers the traction required to hold you down during the monstrous takeoff these things have and to safely take you around bends. It does all this without breaking the bank too!

Kumho Tyres Performance

  • Performance 0%
  • Handling 100%
  • Sound 0%

Complete Professional Guide to Upgrading Your MK7 R

So there you have it, a complete professional guide to upgrading your MK7 R. Your total hardware investment is $4805 for this entire package (tyres excluded). We can even help you with your entire upgrade process for around $100 per week. If you need more information let us know and we can help you achieve the results you have been dreaming about.

Complete Performance For MK7 R

  • Performance 100%
  • Handling 100%
  • Sound 100%