ECU Chip Tuning

What is EasyTUNE and how does ECU Chip Tuning Work?

We have a step by step guide on the ECU Tuning process using EasyTune located here. Its a simple hand held device which gives you all of the peformance benefits of ECU Tuning with the simplicity of Chip Tuning.

What is ECU Tuning and Chip Tuning?

ECU Tuning is the modification of the software of a vehicles computer to improve performance.

Chip Tuning is a solution where an external computer is connected to the sensors of the engine to alter its settings and improve performance.

ECU Chip Tuning is a specialist type of tuning which we have mastered. The EasyTUNE platform allows for all of the benefits of ECU Tuning with the flexibility of Chip Tuning. 

How does EasyTUNE work?


Is My Vehicle Supported?

EasyTUNE by ECU Chip Tuning covers a huge variety of brands and models. To check if your vehicle is compatible, use the menu on the right.